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University That Never Sleeps

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Koç University, what a great place to be… With its 230.000 m2 campus, it is one of the biggest universities in Turkey. With its library, sports complex and faculty buildings, it is one of the best universities to attend domestically. Because of its huge campus, it offers lots of opportunities to spend time without going out of the university.

Food and Coffee

First of all, Koç University has 3 different Nero’s and 1 Espresso Lab where you can chat with your friends and enjoy your fresh coffee. Whether it is a harsh winter or a hot summer, those places never lose their comfortability thanks to their great climate systems, comfortable seating, delicious coffees and desserts. If you are not a fan of coffee or hungry, there are great places to eat at ÖMER. ÖMER is a synonym of Öğrenci Merkezi (Student Center) and a place where you can find lots of places to eat. You can eat pasta at Mio or a delicious chicken schnitzel at Divan Restaurant.

Sports and Entertainment

Apart from the food and coffee, Koç University has great a great sports complex which allows lots of different sport branches. You can play basketball, volleyball, tennis; you can practice martial arts with dummies and punching bags; you can make fitness and many more. If you are a professional level athlete, you can join sports teams of Koç University. Thanks to its huge sports complex, university has teams at different branches.

Koç University campus lives 24/7. Suna Kıraç Library is open every time and dormitory kitchens are always available. There are many events take place in university campus. Koç University band performs on Tuesdays at Social Sciences Garden and gives many concerts during the semester. Apart from band, dance club and theater club perform several times during the semester. Moreover, Koç University hosts lots of different organizations and conferences where they have honorary guests.

Finally, if you are not in the mood of anything but just sit and relax, Koç University offers several great places for it. You can sit in SNA’s glassed room for a silent atmosphere or hang out at Henry Ford’s Garden. You can also visit university’s famous clock tower which offers a great view of 3rd Bosporus Bridge.

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