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EasyPlan is Live!

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

A new student is oriented through the KUSIS system at Koç University or is required to watch online tutorials in order to solve how the system works. The students’ time spent during the course selection process is to be reduced. Many students start making their schedule motivated but the drawbacks of the current system make course planning a challenge. Based on observations, the students will prefer to do their course planning from a mobile application which will also create ameliorations in their lifestyle due to ease of use. An advisor spends most of the time in the session to filter through many course sections and try to find the right schedule. This is done through worksheets or on paper by hand. Rather than searching and memorizing the courses, with EasyPlan, academic advisors are also able to help the students much faster due to automatically generated schedules.

The desired impact for the university is the improvement of school services, stronger relationships with the students, better teamwork between teaching and administration, and lastly financial impact. The cost of this application is so small compared to the benefits it will provide in the long run. EasyPlan offers a variety of services and some of these services require university specific integration. These services are sold as bundles and University itself is free to choose which services they want to buy according to their needs and budgets. Cost structure of our services is divided into two parts. First, the University has to pay a fixed price for our service’s integration into their own IT infrastructure. Then, they have to pay an annual fee each year for our operations costs according to their number of students using our services.

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