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Not The App We Deserve, But The App We Need

Many students have trouble with the week coming into school because of the stress of planning the courses and being able to enroll in them. When the student does not have access to a personal computer for any number of reasons, the platform they have to use to achieve registration via mobile phones is not user-friendly. This project aims to ease the burden of selecting courses on the students; with this application, students will be able to monitor and/or change their plan however they wish from their own smartphones.

The main problems with the course registration period are the sheer number of database queries that need to be done to supply each and every student with course information which slows down the system considerably and the large number of page transitions while the system is already slow. The selection of the courses at the same time by many users creates a burden on the system. The user is unable to see the planned course program on the same screen as the available courses. These lead to problems such as filling up of the classes before the student can enroll in them, and possibly missing the other potential courses he/she may want to enroll in by trying to find them in a myriad of available courses.

KUSIS, Koç University’s platform to select courses, is the solution developed by the university however it is deficient in many ways. While trying to select a course, the classes are not visible all at once to the user so the user needs to do unnecessary navigation to see all the different courses available. This leads to another problem; when various categories are opened all at once, the list does not fit the page and obscures some of the courses the user may want to see. The student is not able to see the sections right from the course selection screen.

The workload during the course add/drop week can be reduced, even eliminated, by recommending courses for the timeslot the student has available so that the student does not spend too much time looking for suitable classes. The aim is to make the class registration period as seamless and stress-free as possible for students. The number of steps taken to plan a semester is reduced and, in the end, the planning time in KUSIS, which is on average more than 10 minutes, is reduced to 3.4 minutes on average.

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