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10 Useful Smartphone and Computer Tips

We are carrying a technology that has a potential to take us to the moon in our hands but we aren’t even aware all of their secrets. It is never too late to learn and now it is time to learn.

1. Shop in Incognito Mode

You see an ad about a discount for a product you really wanted for a long time. When you rush to check the offer, you see a different price. This mainly happens because of the cookies saved on your browser. If you shop and search the net in incognito mode, you can see better discounts as incognito mode does not use any cookies.

2. Easily Capitalize a Word in Android

There are times when you forget to capitalize a word when typing on our mobile devices. Rather than deleting and retyping the whole word or trying to select the first letter, you can simply double tap the word and press the Shift key.

3. Google Lens for Contacts

Google Lens is an app that has many useful features to make your life easier. There is one feature that many people are unaware of which is that you have an option to add the contact to your phone after you take a photo of a business card using the app.

4. Temporary Email for Spams

If you don’t trust a site but you are required to sign up to use its features, you can use temporary email. Sites like MailDrop and 10 Minute Mail provide you with these types of emails.

5. No Internet, No Ads!

Every time you try to play a game on your mobile device, video ads successfully ruin your fun. Easiest way to block ads on your phone is to turn on Airplane Mode. This successfully blocks the ads if your app operates offline. Moreover, you will not be able to make or receive any calls.

6. Create Messages for Missed Calls

If you miss a call on your iPhone, you can send text responses with a single tap. In order to personalize your missed call texts, go to Settings, choose Phone, then Respond with Text and create your own message.

7. Take Photos While Shooting Video

You don’t have to stop recording video on your iPhone in order to take a photo. All you have to do is to click the white button that appears on your screen while you are recording a video.

8. Fast Content Share

You can easily share content from your Android device’s screen to another by bringing devices together. In order to do this, tap Share Icon in any app. Choose Android beam from the list and put devices back-to-back.

9. Guided Access for More Privacy

Guided Access function allows you to hide your personal stuff when you give your phone to someone else. You can activate the function in general settings, then Accessibility.

10. Secret Codes

There are many different codes that activates different and hidden features of your phones. You can activate developer mode, increase maximum voice level and many more. Just use them on your own risk.

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